Just one block...that's how far I live from the gym...
Still I always have a hard time getting home after an all out leg session...
But thats what it takes...fuck the frase "hard gainer"..what the fuck is that anyway?
Did you really think it would be easy to look like a something out of a
cartoon book when you was born skinny?
I never ever take anything for granted in life & everything I have Ive been
working hard to get...& you know what...I like it that way!

Im glad that Im not one of those pretty boys playing pingpong at the gym
while party all night long & getting their food on the table from mom!
They dont know shit about life..fact is they dont know shit about anything!

I train hard & I train before the sun gets up...when the lazy people are still in bed!
Cuz life to me is a freak show & I never ever wanna be one of the ordinary fat soft
middle age men who did grow soft, who lost their warrior spirits & died inside!
I never wanna be one of èm suckers looking at me as Im from another planet
cuz I dont look &/or act like they do!

Lifes short so Im intend to live it to the fullest & Im here to live it my way!
Hell yeah...Im a warrior & I still got alot of battles left inside me!


Postat av: Robin André (dragon_skull)

du har riktigt cool å soft stil. like a real OG :)

2009-07-21 @ 17:38:22
Postat av: Janne

Fan vad bra sagt!!!

2009-07-23 @ 10:52:40

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