It started in my early 20`s…my war with the weights…. At the very first time I touched the weights the fascination for strength and mass just swallowed me whole! The plates and weights we had in that old rough dirty gym I started out at was rusty and came in all different shapes and sizes, the one bench we had was home made and all beat up. I remember cracking those raw egg whites and drinking them by the gallons after the sessions. Yeah that was some old school hardcore shit. But boy did I grow back then or what?!  Those where the days when I laid my foundation in this game.  Not only physically, but mentally as well. To this day I`m in heaven when I walk in to a dirty old gym that reminds me of my past and I shake my head in frustration when some young pretty boy complains that a machine at the gym aren’t  perfectly oiled or that he’s favorite protein powder don’t come in strawberry flavor!  To me this is a war… Yeah I`m truly in war with the weights and a war was never meant to be pretty and comfortable! Building muscle hurt and that’s the way it supposed to be!


Life is only temporary…  Nah were not here to stay.
You’re born weak and if something don’t kill you along the way you will die weak too.  But we can’t dwell on negative thoughts like that. It`s right here and right now that counts. It`s what you do now that make a difference and that will make your mark in history. So bite the bullet and grind out those last reps and always make sure you make the best out of everything you got. NOW! Not tomorrow cuz tomorrow is never promised. It`s not that complicated really… just breath, lift and ignore the pain. Become the weight and realize that the heavier weights you lift the heavier you will become yourself. Become the best YOU can be! You just have to do what it takes! It`s all up to yourself buddy. Become that dream!

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