It started in my early 20`s…my war with the weights…. At the very first time I touched the weights the fascination for strength and mass just swallowed me whole! The plates and weights we had in that old rough dirty gym I started out at was rusty and came in all different shapes and sizes, the one bench we had was home made and all beat up. I remember cracking those raw egg whites and drinking them by the gallons after the sessions. Yeah that was some old school hardcore shit. But boy did I grow back then or what?!  Those where the days when I laid my foundation in this game.  Not only physically, but mentally as well. To this day I`m in heaven when I walk in to a dirty old gym that reminds me of my past and I shake my head in frustration when some young pretty boy complains that a machine at the gym aren’t  perfectly oiled or that he’s favorite protein powder don’t come in strawberry flavor!  To me this is a war… Yeah I`m truly in war with the weights and a war was never meant to be pretty and comfortable! Building muscle hurt and that’s the way it supposed to be!

Postat av: Janne Tommikoski

Det där var jävligt bra sagt!! Hell yeah brother!

2009-09-18 @ 20:46:42

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