Age is not something I dwell about but as I recently been meeting
some people from the past I realize how much most people do!
It amazes me that people tend to care so much about how many years they have
been walking on this planet & putting limits on them selfes because of it!
To me this thing we call life is not about time but experience!
A great example of that i my Johanna whos 18 years younger than me
but most of the time actually feels older and more mature
than me cuz all the things shes been thru!

And it amaze me that people put all these limits on themselfes
about all the things they cant do anymore becauze of what other people
are thinking as me myself actually find that I have
more of that kick ass energy both in the gym and for life
now in my 40's then I had in my 20`s!

Maybe its because by my 40's I have been through
enough shit to put it all in perspective?....
Maybe its because Ive seen guys my age who stopped working out
giving up on their bod and look like 60 while I feel better
physiqually today than I did in my 20`s?!
Or maybe I just buried too many friends before
they got to 40 and say fuck, I ain't going down easy!
Or as my good friend Palle once told me:
Zone you are one of those guys who never will stop living and be old...
You will always stay the same...until you just drop dead one day!


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